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Published PAPERS

Links to technical papers published and presented at conferences by AAL:

  1. Advanced Connecting Rod Analysis Using Custom ABAQUS Plug-Ins

    SIMULIA UK RUM 2017 | 'Rob Lacey' award to the best conference paper.
    Keywords: Methodology, Plug-ins, Python, Loads Calculation, Connecting rod, Postprocessing, Powertrain, Stress, Visualization

  2. Threesomes Add Possibilities

    Keywords: Methodology, Force Reaction, Multipoint Constraint Equation, Tolerance

  3. Getting Bodies into Contact - the Despair and Joy

    Keywords: Contact, Convergence, Hints, Tips, Standard, Explicit

  4. Multi Bodies are More Fun

    Keywords: Connectors, Mechanisms, Multi-Body Dynamics, Parametric, Powertrain, Substructures, User Element

  5. High Frequency Acoustic Analysis via Energy Finite Elements

    NAFEMS UK 2007 | Modelling Vibro-Acoustics and Shock (event link)
    Keywords: Acoustic Analysis, High Frequency, Energy Finite Elements

  6. Use of Predictive Analysis to Optimise the Design of a Novel Cylinder Head Cooling Arrangement

    SAE 2001 World Congress (event link)
    Keywords: Thermal, Mechanical Analysis, Cylinder Head, Oil Cooling, Water cooling

  7. Study of the Noise Characteristics of Motorcycle Silencers

    SAE 2001 World Congress (event link)
    Keywords: Acoustic Analysis, Exhaust, Silencer, Motorcycle, Sound Quality, NVH, Noise Level

  8. Inclusion of Oil Film Pressure Distribution in Contact Analyses

    ABAQUS UK Users Meeting 2000
    Keywords: Contact, Oil Film, Mechanical Analysis

  9. Development of Techniques for the Reduction of Radiated Noise of Air Intake Manifolds

    CAD-FEM Users Meeting 1999 (Germany)
    Keywords: Acoustic Analysis, NVH, Noise, Plastic, Manifold, Engine Vibrations, Engine Loads, Design Guidelines, Sound Quality