Advanced Analysis Ltd

Engineering Problem Solving through Simulation

FEA Finite Element Analysis

The Finite Element Method (FEM) is at the core of most predictive work at AAL. Best in class software is available to cover a broad spectrum of applications and client's needs & vision. One of the simulation suites at AAL is SIMULIA with ABAQUS (Standard & Explicit solvers) and its complementary tools: FE-Safe (fatigue), Tosca (optimisation). Exhaust manifold, thermal FEA

Additionally, ALTAIR's HyperWorks suite is employed for varied analyses with OptiStruct, MotionSolve (Multi-body dynamics), AcuSolve (CFD) and HyperMesh / HyperView.
Other tools are also available for specific applications: Matlab (science mathematical tool), Coustix & AlphaCell (NVH and acoustics), Python programming and ABAQUS plug-ins.

Exhaust manifold, thermal FEA

NVH Noise Vibration & Harshness

Noise radiation from engine The prediction of noise, vibration induced fatigue, sound quality and general acoustics has been a speciality at AAL from the start of the company. The combination of tools such as ABAQUS, OptiStruct, Fe-Safe (fatigue), Coustix (Boundary Element Method) and AlphaCell (design of sound packages) enable the solution of linear and complex non-linear NVH problems. Furthermore, results are presented in a variety of formats to suit client's needs, allowing for easy comparison to test results. Advanced post-processing can be implemented via Matlab, audio production tools and Python.

Some examples include: engine / transmission noise radiation, powertrain covers noise optimisation, study of mounting isolation, full vehicle noise at driver's ear, intake / exhaust systems, shock wave events on large assemblies (noise, stress & fatigue), sound quality on domestic appliances, speaker optimisation or hearing aids. Contact us for a full list, we can provide advice from small (one day) jobs to large development programs.

CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD Wind Loads CFD Wind Loads CFD Wind Loads CFD Wind Loads CFD Wind Loads CFD Wind Loads AcuSolve & CONVERGE are the main CFD tools at AAL. They offer fast, robust and accurate fluid simulation capabilities. Amongst the main powerful features are: flow and heat transfer, several turbulence models, fluid-structure interaction and moving mesh technology.

Typical applications are: engine coolant studies, optimisation of coolant jacket flows and gasket hole design, generation of thermal boundary conditions for FEA, under-hood flow, vehicle wind tunnel, calculation of wind loads on rotating systems such as radar / antenna assemblies, wind turbines, electronics cooling or consumer products such as fridges.

MBD Multi Body Dynamics

Load calculations for highly transient events. Design understanding and optimisation of complex mechanical assemblies. The output from an MBD analysis serves as input to structural optimisation of components.

Some examples comprise the development of: vehicle suspension systems, engine or component non-linear mounts at attachment points or complex mechanism design understanding and optimisation.

Optimisation Organic Designs

FEA Optimisation FEA Optimisation FEA Optimisation FEA Optimisation TOSCA for ABAQUS allows for design optimisations from concept stage, generating organic shapes based on FEA calculations. It helps to inject early simulation results into the development process to guide designers from the start of a project, while meeting performance targets and keeping material weight and cost to a minimum. TOSCA FEA optimisation

Furthermore, this non-parametric approach reveals unusual organic designs that allow for the implementation of innovative shapes on the final product. CAD is also produced via intelligent smoothing algorithms to arrive at a usable geometry for further drafting and analysis.

Software Development Tailor-made Tools

ENGLOAD: AAL engine loads software Design and generation of advanced tailor-made calculation environments. We develop tools from small plug-ins to complete software packages for detailed calculations.
AAL Python Matlab coding
Some examples comprise the development and deployment of a comprehensive engine loads calculation suite ('ENGLOAD'), utility plug-ins for ABAQUS pre- & post-processing, and a bore distortion tool in Python to automate post-processing of FEA results.